Doug Richardson

In April of 2005 Doug Richardson had the idea for what is commonly referred to as a Cinemagraph or Cinemagraphs and started the technology from scratch which is now used worldwide. He has since obtained4 U.S. Patent Nos. 7,388,5877,629,9778,035,6448,487,939 and has one open App. 14/262,947 (dated April 2005).   

In May of 2005 I (Doug Richardson) began his first shoot using a Canon EOS D30.

The first 'publication' was on the 2005 home page for Land Rover Austin and shot in downtown Austin Tx. 

Doug Richardson invented and holds 4 U.S. Patent Nos. 7,388,587, 7,629,977, 8,035,644, 8,487,939 Open App. 14/262,947 for the type of video known as a Cinemagraph. "Cinegif/Doug Richardson recently created three really cool Cinemagraphs for Kerbey Lane Cafe. Cinegif puts a lot of energy and passion into his projects – and they turned out great! The cinemagraphs he created for Kerbey Lane Cafe were a big hit on our social media platforms!" -Amanda, Director of Marketing, Kerbey Lane Cafe
"This is awesome! It helps paint a picture of behind the scenes for our guests and they love it!"       
- Noodle Company

 All work protected by U.S. Patent Nos. 7,388,5877,629,9778,035,6448,487,939 Open App. 14/262,947