U.S. Patent Nos. 7,388,587, 7,629,977, 8,035,644, 8,487,939, open app 14/262,947

I (Douglas G Richardson) invented this form of animation in 2005 and have 4 issued patents and a 5th pending. I started a company in 2009 and by 2015 the technology was used worldwide. smartphone producers used it without a license and i decided too take the challenge. I filed a lawsuit against a technology company in 2017 and was successful in 2018. I settled with another technology company before even filing in 2019.

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History: The first Cinegif I shot (below) was in 2005 for Jaguar Land Rover Austin which made a huge difference. “All of the sudden we had an ad with movement and the world went upside-down.  Our click-through rates went through the ceiling.” – Damon Spears (still the GM) at Jaguar Land Rover Austin.


from 2006-2008 i shot for toyota, lexus, nissan, started a company in 2009, had 4 U.S. Pat. no 7,388,587, 7,629,977 8,035,644 and 8,487,939 issued. The company; emailfilm technologies, made productions for,, John Deere, Canon Canada, Mashable, Kraft, The Integer Group, Starwood Resorts and others. by 2015 my technology was Being provided by so many smart phones worldwide we could not compete so we put the company to rest.

I reacquired ownership of my patents and decided I had worked to hard for my idea to let it be taken away without any royalties. I read an article in Forbes Magazine: “Of today’s 2.1 million active patents, 95 percent failto be licensed or commercialized.” I was determined to be one of the few patents to be licensed and make a profit.


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