The first 'publication' was on the 2005 home page for Land Rover Austin and shot in downtown Austin Tx.

In May of 2005 I (Doug Richardson) began his first shoot using a Canon EOS D30.

In April of 2005 Doug Richardson had the idea for isolated areas of movement and started the technology from scratch which is now used worldwide. He has since obtained 4 U.S. Patent Nos. 7,388,5877,629,9778,035,6448,487,939 and has one open App. 14/262,947. (dated April 2005).

In 2005 ​Doug Richardson invented Cinegif which is a from of isolated area of motion in a video

He owns 4 U.S. Patent Nos. 7,388,587, 7,629,977, 8,035,644, 8,487,939 and one Open App 14/262,947.

Cinegif Video

"Cinegif/Doug Richardson recently created three really cool Cinegif videos for Kerbey Lane Cafe. Cinegif puts a lot of energy and passion into his projects – and they turned out great! The videos he created for Kerbey Lane Cafe were a big hit on our social media platforms!" -Amanda, Director of Marketing, Kerbey Lane Cafe.

​"This is awesome! It helps paint a picture of behind the scenes for our guests and they love it!"       
- Noodle Company

Doug Richardson