Animated gif maker puts marketing in motion

Marketing in Motion

The average online attention span is only about 10 seconds and because we're constantly being bombarded by imagery everywhere, getting noticed is becoming increasingly difficult. Animated GIFs are as engaging a video but as simple to use as a still image making them the perfect medium for your digital marketing. Our DIY platform brings your message to life.

Rich media maker gives you advertising without limits

Advertising Without Limits

Creativity should not be limited by standards set before social networks were invented. With Cinegif you can truly advertise without limits. Our cloud-based platform was designed specifically for marketers and advertisers. Now you can easily create interactive, custom images called FIGs with multiple GIFs, stills, and hyperlinks. You no longer have to be a programmer or digital whiz to produce rich media.

Simply Powerful.
Easily create compelling content with our DIY platform
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Take Back Control

Can you copy and paste? Then you can create beautifully interactive rich media called FIGs on our platform. Cinegif puts the control in your hands and brings the fun into digital marketing by allowing you to control 100% of the process. Now the only reason you have to call a geek is to meet you at happy hour.

Design high quality images that are compatible on any digital device
Anytime Anywhere.
Cinegif is an animated gif maker
Turn animated gifs into analytic marketing gif machines with our proprietary FIG maker

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