Doug Richardson is the inventor and founder of He discovered his art talent after a severe head injury on January 2, 1992. After 6 months of rehab he was back in school at St. Edwards University in '94 studying photography. He shot freelance sports photography for the Austin American Statesman and Westlake Picayune from 1996 until 2008 winning 1st place in 2003 with the Texas Press. Over time his style of rapid sequential photos of the same athlete gave him the idea for the invention and patent of the IP commonly known as a Cinemagraph (term from Flixel) in 2005. Even though the concept is now being used worldwide he is determined to stand up for what he invented.

1996: Started Thephotoguy DBA for sports photography and did an internship at Texas Parks and Wildlife as a photographer.

1997: Along with the freelance sports coverage he worked for the University of Texas as a photographer for the UT Cheerleading Team at all home games 
and practice for their calendar/poster.

1998: Began to shoot sports photos (still using film) for the EISD school district in Westlake and other private schools full time.

2001-2005: Changed to digital photo and continued to shoot sports until 2011.

2005: Filed provisional patent app. Made Cinemagraph type videos for Jaguar Land Rover Austin and online media advertising.

2006: Started Emailfilm Technology, Inc. (dba Cinegif Inc.) while still shooting sports photography. He continued to produce ‘Cinemagraphs’ for Jaguar Land Rover Austin along with over 100 shoots for a Toyota dealership in Houston Texas. Each production took an entire day for the shoot and editing. In April '06 filed for patent 7,629,977 and in 2007 CIP apps. Cinegif made Cinemagraphs to increase click through rates (CTR) for the Automobile Industry Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan and other Industries including Nursing, Healthcare, Banking, Credit Card, Jewelry and Online Dating. Worked with,, and many others.

2007: In June 2007 filed for the second Patent CIP. Doug sent out a press release and got the interest of Adknowledge (Adk.) based out of Kansas City. Shot and produced films for email campaigns in nursing, health care, bank loans, credit cards and jewelry using hired models, lighting crew and assistants for shoots in Austin and Houston.  He also continued to shoot for Howdy Honda, Town North Nissan, Covert, Henna, Don Hewlett, Capitol Chevrolet and Lexus through Outsell Inc. with consistent increased CTR (click through rate).  

2008: Concentrated on Real Estate agencies here in Austin for their signatures. Produced for agents in Keller Williams and Century 21 for changing videos in their signatures each time opened which increase open rate for email. July 17th the US Patent No. 7,388,587 was issued. 

2009-2010: Doug spent the first 7 months working on his next CIP. In May he did some shoots for and was Issued US Patent No. 7,629,977. He still made Cinemagraphs for Real Estate, Automotive and Advertising Industries.  September met with Thought Equity. Did shoots for cell phone, downtown Austin, golf course in Houston, jewelry, Toyota automotive and dating. Starting in November began more shoots for auto industry through with Chevorlet, Honda, Lexus and Nissan.

2011: Did some work with LeverageMarketing and got results from Acknowledge: Prepared for expo in Houston and more shoots for AdKnowledge in Auto, cell phone, computers, dating, golf, loans, media, office, people, singles and sports. Put together a library of Cinemagraphs for clients to use on their email signatures. He was issued his third US Patent No. 8,035,644.

2012: Began to notice other users of the Cinegif technology by video producers and smartphone manufactures along with producers of software, apps and devices sold that used and included the Cinegif technology. Company A had produced a free app to download. In October of 2012 he bought some of the mobile phones, did testing and full write-ups of the use of my IP. Doug continued to do shoots and designs for and

2013: began to work with and posted over 700 Cinemagraphs for sale that took up a good part of 2013. Cinegif Cinemagraph Cloud software became available as subscription even though Company A had released their free version in 2012.Cinegif had notable customers such as John Deere, Canon Canada, Mashable, Kraft, The Integer Group and Starwood Resorts. Doug did more testing of the smartphones using the IP. Issued US Patent No. 8,487,939.

2013-2015: Began to notice other users of the Cinegif technology by video producers. Found producers of software, apps and devices sold that used and included the Cinegif technology. Issued forth patent (8,487,939) then filed Cont. and CIP applications. Cinegif Cinemagraph Cloud software became available as subscription. Cinegif had notable customers such as John Deere, Canon Canada, Mashable, Kraft, The Integer Group and Starwood Resorts. Currently owns 4 U.S. Patents 7,388,587, 7,629,977, 8,035,644, 8,487,939 and one open application 14/262,947 with malleable claims.

June 2007-June 2008: Filed Lawsuit against Samsung and in June 2008 had a successful mediation and the case was settled.

Doug Richardson